Filter control units

ILD has developed its own control units that provide control of the electromagnetic valves of the filter regeneration system.
MARF 10.0 unit sends impulses in a precisely set length (may be customized) and in a precisely set time interval (may be customized).
MARF13 control units may send impulses in a precisely set length (may be customized) in a time interval which is set automatically depending on the pressure loss of the filter in order to maintain a constant pressure loss. That means that in case of an increasing pressure loss the interval shortens and in case of a decreasing pressure loss the interval lengthens. MARF13 control units also provide the measurement and evaluation of air pressure in the filter air chamber.
All units are able to control the filter follow-up with following delayed removal of dedusted material in order to keep the filter installation clean and to keep the filtered substances out of the filter installation.

Types of units:
MARF 10.0 – controls 1-10 valves 24 V DC
MARF 10.8 – controls 1-80 valves 24 V DC
MARF 13.0 – controls 1-24 valves 24 V DC
MARF 13.8 – controls 1-96 valves 24 V DC
MARF 13.23 – controls 1-24 valves 230 V AC

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