• The ALFA JET Plus filter has a modular structure, where individual modules may be placed depending on space requirements next to each other, both lengthwise and edgewise
  • The minimum filter area is 18 m2, the maximum area is not limited, there are multiples of 18
  • The filter installation works in vacual mode, which is provided by a blower located after the filter
  • Solid pollutants get trapped on the surface of filter hoses, which are reinforced using metal filter baskets
  • The filter material as well as the material for supporting baskets is designed depending on the character and temperature of the polluted air mass
  • Both filter hoses and baskets are installed from the above, which means that there must be enough space above the filter to provide release of the supporting basket
  • The dust trapped on the surface of filter hoses is blown down using the stream of compressed air at the back blow off acting against the pull of the blower into the filter hopper; from there it is discharged using a rotary feeder, screw conveyor, or it accumulates e.g. in a bin or BIG-BAG.
  • The ALFA-JET Plus filter unit may be provided with a safety flap for the cases when the dedusted material forms an explosive mixture with the air and therefore there is a risk of explosion

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