Engineering and counselling

ILD originally focused on exhausting from technological processes and “cold” filtering with the temperature of the exhausted air mass reaching a maximum of 150 °C. Technological filters mainly trapped the raw material.
As legislative requirements grew, the scope of handled problems extended during the years to the dedusting of hot plants as well as satisfying emission limits for gases, metals and VOC.

  • Waste gas purification and exhaust from technological processes (production and processing of metals, glass, lime, cement, rubber-making mixtures etc.)
  • Purification of waste gases from solid-fuel furnaces (coal, biomass) – dedusting and desulphurization
  • Purification of waste gases from waste incineration plants (dust, HCl, HF, SO2, PCDD/F, metals)
  • Disposal of volatile organic compounds (VOC) – concentration with catalytic burning

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