Calmit Tisovec, SR

Dedusting of four shaft furnaces for burning lime

Implementation 2006

ILD has implemented the dedusting of four shaft furnaces for burning lime in CALMIT Tisovec. The shaft furnaces use natural gas for fuel. Each shaft furnace is dedusted separately and the installation consists of the following components:

  • Waste gas cooler (waste gas - water)
    In order to use the heat from waste gas, a waste gas - water cooler replacing the existing installation was designed. The waste gas is cooled to approximately 120°C in the cooler and after that, it continues to a filter. In winter, the hot water is used to heat the office building. In summer, the water is cooled again in the water cooler, which is common for all 4 furnaces. The cooled water is reused to cool the waste gas and the heated air as primary air for furnaces
  • Duct work including vacuum breakers and shutting flaps, cooler by-pass and OK
  • ALFA-JET Plus filter units (4), each with a filter area of 190 m2 with a pyramidal hopper. Polyacrylonitrile was used for the filtering hoses
  • Discharge equipment
    A rotary feeder was used to remove dedusted material; from it the dedusted material is transported using a chute and screw conveyor into the silo below the shaft furnace
  • Existing RVE 1250 radial blower
  • Connecting of wiring and controls of supplied equipment from the switchboards located near individual pieces of equipment, switching station and control room

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