Laufen Znojmo

LAUFEN CZ, s.r.o., Znojmo plant

Purification of waste gases from bogie-hearth furnaces KP 1 and KP 2

Term of completion: 9/2006

Description of the installation:
The waste gases from furnaces pass through a recuperator, where the waste gases are cooled to approximately 350 °C. The waste gases then pass through the exhaust blower to the exhaust flue next to every furnace.
The equipment for waste gas purification is connected to the existing exhaust flue. There is a branch in the flue with two closing flaps. The flaps direct the waste gas flow either into the existing flue if HF is not present, or into the waste purification system if HF is present.
The new exhaust pipeline from each furnace passes through the shop floor skylight to the roof and along it towards the face of the building. The waste gas purification equipment proper is there, consisting of a cascade adsorber, FKA 630/350 and a new exhaust blower, RNA 900. The output from this blower goes to a chimney approximately 18m high.
On the start-up of each furnace, the pipeline route to the exiting flue on the shop floor opens and only one exhaust blower is in operation
During the baking stage of the furnace, when HF forms, waste gases pass through the adsorptive layer of the adsorber where hydrofluoric is trapped on the surface of the CaCO3 sorbent. As a result of its dead weight, the sorbent drops from the bin via the adsorption layer into the hopper. From the hopper the reacted adsorbent is carried away using a spiral conveyor. Purified waste gases go into the new flue using a new RNA 900 blower.
During the cooling of the furnace only the existing exhaust blower is in operation and waste gases go into the existing flue next to the furnace on the shop floor

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