Disposal of VOC (volatile organic compounds)

Term of completion: 3/2007

Description of the installation:

The filter installation is used to filter air released from the electronic production process and polluted by volatile organic compounds (VOC)
The zeolite rotor (ZR) is the basic element of the filter installation; it rotates during normal operation and at each moment one sector of the rotor is used for filtering (adsorption), one is regenerated using air with a higher temperature (desorption) and one is cooled after regeneration.
The filter installation uses part of the air from the exhaust which is drawn via the cooled part of the ZR off into the exchanger where the air is heated to the required temperature (180°C) and passes through the regenerative part of the ZR, where concentrated VOC are desorbed from the heated sorbent. The air mass is then exhausted using a blower via a regulating exchanger where it further heats to the temperature needed for catalytic reaction (330°C), via heating, where it additionally heats up to the required temperature, then it passes into the catalytic reactor, where the VOC decomposes on metal granular catalyst on a Pt-Pd basis and heat is formed which is used, via exchangers, to heat the inlet air to the required temperatures. The outlet temperatures for both exchangers are regulated using by-pass flaps and the temperature after the reactor (or inside the reactor) is regulated from the bottom using the heating and from the top using the desorption blower.

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