KOVOHUTY a.s. Krompachy, SR Krompachy, Slovak Republic - Modernization of copper anodes production - capacity 250 t Cu/melt

Implementation: 2007-2008

Kovohuty company

The company Kovohuty, a.s. purchased the anode technology equipment from the company Simar Societá Metali Marghera S.p.A., which was disassembled by the company ILD SK, it was transported from Italy to disassembled, the company designed its location at the company’s premises and re-assembled it.

The technology is located in a new hall and is complemented by new equipment that was not suitable for disassembly and transportation.


Scope of supplies:

  • Overall design solution
  • Construction part – complete new two-part hall, including the foundations, foundations under the technology – foundations under the furnace 30×30 m at the level of -8 m (ground water at the level of -2 m)
  • Disassembly, reprocessing and assembly of the anode furnace MAERZ and casting carousel OUTOKUMP
  • Supply of cooling towers and cooling circuits
  • Supply of hydraulic stations
  • Supply of a compressor station
  • Supply of an after-burning chamber, utilization boiler 10 t/h (steam), recuperator, steam turbine condensation circuit
  • Filtration unit ALFA-JET – 3000 m2, including the heated hopper and insulation
  • Fan , Q = 55.5 m3/s, tmax =130°C, 500 kW, air-conditioning pipeline
  • Sources and distribution of technical gases
  • HV connection, transformer station, LV sub-station, complete control system
  • Scales, cranes, mobile machines

The general contractor was the company ILD SK, spol. s r.o. Košice




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