DENSO Manufacturing Czech s.r.o. Liberec

Vertical packed absorber for HF separation
Implementation: 4 installations in 2015-2018

Scope of supply:

  • Absorption of HF;
  • Exhaust gas quantity VN=4800 Nm3/h;
  • Exhaust gas temperature 20-50°C (maximum 60°C);
  • Input concentration of HF and inorganic fluorine compounds expressed as hydrogen fluoride cN< 45mg/Nm3;
  • Output concentration cN ≤ 4 mg/Nm3;
  • Quantity of the washing liquid (DEMI water) in the cleaning system: 1 m3;
  • Consumption of the washing liquid (DEMI water) (draining/refilling) 30 l/h;
  • Pressure loss of the absorber approximately 1,000Pa;