The selection of the filtration material is very important for the correct operation of the dust removal technology and affects the service life of the filtration elements.

When designing a suitable filtration medium, we take into account mainly the operating conditions of the filtration unit, as well as the technical conditions of the exhausted air and / or air. flue gas. Based on these data, we provide our customers with individual advice, which also includes the design and selection of the suitable filtration material, in accordance with the technical parameters of dust removal technology to ensure the required efficiency and quality of filtration.

The main supplier of the filtration material is our long-term partner – the company FILTEX SK, s.r.o.
The company FILTEX SK, s.r.o. focuses on the production and supply of filtration elements which are an essential part of most separators in the field of industrial filtration of air and flue gases.

We supply filtration elements for almost all types of textile filters, such as:

  • filtration hoses;
  • filtration bags;
  • filtration pouches;
  • filtration cartridges;
  • cartridges;
  • filtration elements into air-conditioning devices;
  • other filtration elements according to the customer´s specific requirements;


The filtration devices include filtration elements. Most often they are hoses and bags of different sizes and cuts.

Depending on the type of the exhaust air, especially its temperature and chemical composition, it is necessary to select the most suitable filtration material.

The properties of the filtration materials are evaluated from 1 to 4, with 1 representing excellent resistance and for very poor resistance.
The properties of the filtration materials can be improved by various surface treatments and impregnation.