In the first years of its activity, the ILD company focused mainly on the separation of solid pollutants. For this purpose, it developed the ALFA-JET Plus textile bag filter with pulsed regeneration using compressed air. Over time, other types of filtration units began to be produced, namely filters of the MINI-JET, DELTA-JET type and filters with vibrating flipping.
  • The ALFA JET Plus filter has a modular structure where individual modules can be built according to the spatial layout side by side, in width and in height.
  • The minimum filtration area is 18 m2, the maximum area is not limited, it is the multiply of 18.
  • The filtration unit operates in a vacuum mode which is provided by a fan located behind the filter.
  • The solid pollutants are caught on the surface of the filtration hoses which are reinforced with metal filter baskets.
  • The filtration material as well as the material of the support baskets is designed according to the properties and temperature of the polluted air.
  • The filtration hoses and baskets are installed from above, i.e. that there must be enough space above the filter to push out the support baskets.
  • The dust caught on the surface of the filtration hoses is precipitated by a compressed air stream blowing back against the fan draft fan into the filter hopper from where it is carried by means of a rotary feeder or a screw conveyor, or it is accumulated for example in a dustbin or BIG-BAG.
  • The ALFA-JET Plus filtration unit can be equipped with protective elements in case the dusted material forms an explosive mixture with the air and therefore there is a risk of explosion (ATEX model).

  • The MINI-JET filter was originally developed for dust removal, where these devices are mounted directly on the silos and the dust is precipitated back into the silo by compressed air.
  • In case of lack of space, the filters can have a fan built under the filter cover.
  • The filters are fitted with special pleated elements, which allow to increase the filtration surface of the filter compared to the installation of filtration hoses.
  • There is no need to reinforce the filtration elements with support baskets.
  • The filters can have both circular and square layout.
  • Textile bag filter with pulsed regeneration using compressed air.
  • The filtration bags are installed from the side of the filter.
  • Dust is collected and drained in a similar way to the ALFA-JET Plus filter.

  • This is a textile hose filter with a filtration area of ​​maximum 12 m2.
  • It is used where there is no possibility of regeneration of the filtration hoses using compressed air.
  • The filters can have a circular or square layout and can also be mounted on silos.
  • The fan can be standalone or integrated under the filter cover.