University Hospital Motol

Hazardous waste incinerator - flue gas cleaning
Implementation: 2004

Scope of supply:

  • flue gas cleaning by sorbent injection into the flue gas stream;
  • system for dosing and recycling of sorbents of the company of Hellmich GmbH (ILD is the exclusive representative of  the company Hellmich in the Czech Republic and Slovakia);
  • used sorbents;
  • lime hydrate to capture acidic gases;
  • activated carbon for the capture of mercury and parts of persistent organic pollutants;
  • flue gases and sorbent mixture are passed through a vortex reactor and a textile filter;
  • on the surface of the sorbents, the pollutants are captured and subsequently the sorbent mixture and other solid pollutants are separated by the ALFA-JET Plus 235/3.5-1.5-3 textile filter;
  • a radial high-pressure clutch fan was designed for gas exhaust, which is controlled by a frequency converter based on the evaluation of vacuum in the combustion chamber;